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Area F

Electoral Area “F” is located in the northern part of the Regional District. Communities within Area "F" include Grindrod, Grandview Bench, Ashton Creek, Kingfisher / Mabel Lake and Mara.


Community Associations

The following information is placed here for convenience, and the hall is not run by the RDNO. Please use the contact information listed below for more information. 

Mara Community Hall: The Mara Community Hall was built over 100 years ago and is located beside Shuswap River with picturesque bridge nearby. The facility includes hardwood floors, excellent acoustics, a small stage, three bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen.  Available for weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries and memorials. Maximum seating for hall is 80-100 people for banquet and dance events, 120 people for theatre style (chairs only) and 150 people if no tables or chairs required. For further information, including rental agreement and availability, contact [email protected]


  • Denis Delisle - Director
  • Herman Halvorson - Alternate


  • Address   PDF  
  • ALR Floodplain   PDF  
  • Composite Legal Base   PDF  
  • KLAP Appendix A Heritage Resources   PDF  
  • KLAP Appendix B Development Permit Areas Map   PDF  
  • KLAP Appendix C Floodplain Mapping   PDF  
  • KLAP Appendix D Emergency Response Plan Mapping   PDF  
  • OCP C1 Land Use - Mara   PDF  
  • OCP C2 Land Use - Grindrod   PDF  
  • OCP C3 Land Use - Enderby Area   PDF  
  • OCP C4 Land Use - Fall / Cooke Creek   PDF  
  • OCP C5 Land Use - Mabel Lake   PDF  
  • OCP C Land Use   PDF  
  • OCP D1 Fall Creek Slide DPA - Detail 1   PDF  
  • OCP D2 Fall Creek Slide DPA - Detail 2   PDF  
  • OCP D3 Fall Creek Slide DPA - Detail 3   PDF  
  • OCP D4 Fall Creek Slide DPA - Detail 4   PDF  
  • OCP D5 Fall Creek Slide DPA - Detail 5   PDF  
  • OCP D Fall Creek Slide DPA - Overview   PDF  
  • OCP E1 Shuswap River Floodplain DPA - Mara   PDF  
  • OCP E2 Shuswap River Floodplain DPA - Grindrod   PDF  
  • OCP E3 Shuswap River Floodplain DPA - Enderby Area   PDF  
  • OCP E4 Shuswap River Floodplain DPA - Fall / Cooke Creek   PDF  
  • OCP E5 Shuswap River Floodplain DPA - Mabel Lake   PDF  
  • OCP E Shuswap River Floodplain DPA   PDF  
  • OCP F1 Wildfire Hazard DPA - Mara   PDF  
  • OCP F2 Wildfire Hazard DPA - Grindrod   PDF  
  • OCP F3 Wildfire Hazard DPA - Enderby Area   PDF  
  • OCP F4 Wildfire Hazard DPA - Fall / Cooke Creek   PDF  
  • OCP F5 Wildfire Hazard DPA - Mabel Lake   PDF  
  • OCP F Wildfire Hazard DPA   PDF  
  • Street   PDF  
  • Zoning F1    PDF  
  • Zoning F2 Mara Lake   PDF  
  • Zoning F3 Grindrod and Area   PDF  
  • Zoning F4 Enderby and Area   PDF  
  • Zoning F5 Fall Creek   PDF  
  • Zoning F6 Cooke Creek   PDF  
  • Zoning F7 Mabel Lake   PDF