Be Prepared


To report a wildfire or irresponsible behavior, call 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 from a cell phone.
Important information that will be helpful to pass on to the reporting centre staff might include:

  • Location (where is the fire, how far up the hillside?)
  • Size (compare it to a common object, size of a house, football field)
  • What’s burning (grass, trees, building, and bushes?)
  • Smoke and Flames (colour, visible flame?)
  • Any exposures (buildings at risk, people nearby)
  • Is anyone auctioning the fire

Be Prepared for an EMERGENCY

Go to “PreparedBC” web site. This will give you links or information covering:

  • Household preparedness guide
  • Household emergency plan
  • Neighborhood preparedness plan
  • Pet preparedness (CDART, horses are considered as pets not as live stock)
  • Preparedness for Seniors
  • How to build an emergency kit

“FIRESMART” your property

Search “Firesmart Canada” in your web browser and you can learn how to help protect your property from forest fires and structural fires that are often started from falling hot embers dropping from fire smoke clouds.
Go to, then hover over “Resources Library” then you can pick the subject you wish to review, download manuals for “fire smarting” your property (English or French), watch videos for the information that shows you how to prepare to protect.

Go to “What to do with HYDRO and GAS if evacuated, should you shut off the Natural gas supply, Propane and Electricity?

If there is an emergency and the public is under an “Order” to evacuate the property, don’t waste time and worry about shutting off the utilities, leave as quickly, but safely, as you can. The Utility Company will shut down the supply regionally.

If there is an evacuation “alert”, where there is more time, and it is voluntary but recommended to leave, where the evacuation is precautionary. The natural gas can be left on with the idea that you will likely be returning in a short time frame.

Shutting off the gas will always be the safer action, but re-lighting on return to your property may require a level of expertise that the utility companies can assist in, or appropriately licensed contractors.

Go to for general information, or specifically;

Go to

Other information can be found at: and click on the “safety” icon on the top line. This will give you access to a variety of safety information.

Likewise and click on “Safety and Outages”