Continued Fire Ban in Effect

Electoral areas B and C, within the Fire protection service area - there is still a camp fire ban in effect until further notice.

While the weather conditions are dry and relatively warm/hot, the local bylaw is being upheld in continuing the ban.

Fire danger rating for the North Okanagan [data from BC wildfire for this area is still 4 (high risk)- 5 (extreme risk)]

Other areas within the RDNO electoral areas are governed by the provincial notice for campfire bans. It is recommended and requested by the RDNO Protective Services that people also follow suit with our local ban, act with caution and not burn at this time. Locally the fire may not be a risk but air born fire brands and embers could start a fire on neighboring or crown property. Smoke rising in any area advertises that it’s good to burn, and in turn this increases the potential for ignition when many more start their fires.

Should conditions cool and become more damp in the near future, it is hoped that the ban can be lifted.

Thank you for understanding and refrain from burning.