2017 Flood Debris - Grindable Wood Waste Tipping Fees Waived from July 10 to August 20, 2017

Posted Friday, July 7, 2017

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) advises owners and occupants of residential properties located within the RDNO that tipping fees for grindable wood waste resulting from the 2017 flood event will be waived from July 10 to August 20, 2017 at the following Recycling and Disposal Facilities (RDFs):

1) Greater Vernon Recycling and Disposal Facility: 120 Birnie Road
2) Armstrong/Spallumcheen Recycling and Disposal Facility: 3367 Powerhouse Road
3) Lumby Recycling and Disposal Facility: 221 Trinity Valley Road.

The tipping fee will be waived for grindable wood waste only such as dock lumber, tree limbs and other wood waste resulting from the 2017 flood.  This wood waste will be chipped, mixed with soil and used for daily landfill cover.  Loads of grindable wood waste are allowed to contain nails, screws and small hardware (such as small hinges) but must not contain any large pieces of metal such as rebar or any other debris such as plastic drums, styrofoam, miscellaneous garbage, or other contamination.

Persons wishing to have tipping fees waived are required to complete the 2017 Flood Event - Grindable Wood Waste Tipping Fee Waiver form prior to entering the RDF.  Forms are available at the RDNO office, online at www.rdno.ca and at each RDF facility.

A resident or property owner may use a representative or hauling contractor to haul grindable wood waste on their behalf.

Be advised that all loads requesting a fee waiver will be weighed inbound and outbound to track the quantity of wood waste received and will be inspected to ensure the load does not contain unacceptable material.  Loads found to contain material other than grindable wood waste will be charged the regular, applicable tipping fees.

A list of disposal facilities and hours of operation is available on the RDNO website: www.rdno.ca/index.php/services/engineering/solid-waste/garbage/rdf-hours locations

For further information, please contact the RDNO office at 250-550-3700.