Global Markets Changing the Way We Recycle

Posted Thursday, February 1, 2018

Waste Connections of Canada Inc., the contractor for the RDNO Recycling Drop Centres, has stated that due to changes in global markets, and an increase in control guidelines from purchasers, hard cover books and plastic film can no longer be accepted in recycling bins at the RDNO Recycling and Disposal Facilities. Because of a substantial decrease in the accepted amount of contaminiation in recyclables, these items are now considered to be contamination.

"These rapidly changing policies regarding the import of recyclables is having a significant impact on recycling programs throughout North America," states Mike Fox, General Manager of Community Services at the RDNO. "This situation is continuously evolving, and the RDNO will react accordingly to keep residents informed of changes, and how local programs might be impacted."

The RDNO encourages residents to utilize their curbside residential recycling services provided by Recycle BC as much as possible. The Recycle BC Depots in Vernon, Armstrong and Lumby should be the location of choice for residents to drop of recyclables, with the RDNO Recycling Drop Centres as a secondary alternative. Residents are encouraged to educate themselves regarding what materials are accepted for recycling at Recycle BC Depots and RDNO Recycling Drop Centres, and to keep their recyclables clean and contamination free.

For more information on our recycling programs, please visit www.rdno.ca or call 250.550.3700.