Greater Vernon Water - Water Source Change

Posted Friday, November 13, 2015

Greater Vernon Water – Water Source Change

The Regional District of North Okanagan wishes to inform customers of the Greater Vernon Water (GVW) system, that operations will be replacing a valve at a pressure reducing station at the corner of Grey Road and Buchanan Road.  The work will commence on November 18, 2015 at 8:00am and be completed by 4:00pm, however, may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances.

To reduce the risk of low pressure or loss of water to customers, GVW will be using their well located on Kalamalka Road (close to Hwy 6).  The well has been tested, disinfected and provides safe drinking water.  Customers may notice a change due to increased water hardness in the well (349 mg/L calcium carbonate) compared to the water normally delivered to the tap sourced from Duteau Creek (35 mg/L calcium carbonate) which is a soft water.  Hard water can affect taste and increase soap consumption.  Additionally, when hard water is heated, scale may be deposited on taps, pipes, and culinary equipment.

The change in water may be noticeable for a few days in the following areas:

- Mackie Drive               - Meadow Road
- Giles Road                  - Bel Air Drive
- Grieve Drive                - Birch Drive
- Pine Drive                   - Cosens Bay Road

Customers are encouraged to visit our website at www.rdno.ca/water to become informed about GVW and if other areas may be affected.

GVW contracts operations of the water system to the District of Coldstream and the City of Vernon within your area; to report operational concerns, contact the Coldstream yards at 250-550-1505 or the City of Vernon yards 250-549-6757.

If you have questions or concerns please contact GVW at 250-550-3700.