Greater Vernon Water - Water Works at 28th Avenue near Hwy 97

Posted Thursday, April 4, 2019

Greater Vernon Water: Contractors will be completing water works near Sir Winston’s Pub, on 28th Avenue near Highway 97 on April 4, 2019. 

Customers might experience discoloration or air in the water; however, the water is safe to drink.  While the water is turbid, you may choose to boil or not drink the water.

If you experience discoloured water, it is advised that you flush your business/home water lines.  Remove the aerator (a fine mesh grid) on your tap.  Then, turn on a cold water tap, preferably the laundry tap, and let the water run for a few minutes.  Do not use a hot water tap because it could draw sediment into your hot water tank.  When the water runs clear, place the aerator back on the tap.