Greater Vernon Water - West Swan Lake Separation Project

Posted Tuesday, September 11, 2012

COLDSTREAM, BC - Construction of the West Swan Lake Separation Project started in May 2012. This project involves separating the drinking and irrigation waterlines in the area west of Swan Lake to improve the drinking water quality by removing Goose Lake as a drinking water source. Upon completion of the project Goose Lake will be used only for irrigation purposes.

The Separation Project involves three main components:

  1. separating the drinking and irrigation waterlines along Old Kamloops Road and side roads;
  2. construction of a Valve Station to ensure the irrigation water does not contaminate the drinking water; and
  3. reconfiguration of irrigation and drinking water services on private property.

The first two phases of the project (43rd Avenue to the Swan Lake Pump Station) are expected to be complete by the end of 2012. The third phase of the project (Swan Lake Pump Station to Highway 97) is budgeted for 2013.

Separating the drinking and irrigation waterlines is mostly complete for the first two phases, with final testing and disinfection continuing to the end of September. Work on private property to reconfigure services will begin once the separated waterlines are filled. Greater Vernon Water expects that this work will begin at the end of September and continue through to mid December. It is expected that construction works on private property will not impact Old Kamloops Road.

Paving is now complete from Blue Jay Subdivision to 43rd Avenue. Paving for the first two phases is expected to be completed by early October 2012.

The third phase in 2013 (Swan Lake Pump Station to Highway 97) will include separating the drinking and irrigation waterlines and reconfiguring services on private property. These works will impact Old Kamloops Road for approximately three months while construction is underway.

For more information:

Rod Pleasance, Project Engineer
Regional District of North Okanagan
9848 Aberdeen Rd.
Coldstream, BC V1B 2K9
Phone: 1 (250) 550-3700
Email: [email protected]