Grindrod Water Utility - No Outdoor Water Use

Posted Thursday, June 3, 2021

Due to spring run-off, turbidity is high in the Shuswap River, the source water for the Grindrod Water Utility. To keep up to the high turbidity levels coming into the Grindrod Water Treatment Plant (the Plant), it has to be operated at about half speed to provide drinking water that is below the 1 NTU requirement of the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. 

While the distribution pumps are able to meet the current high customer demands, the Plant is currently not producing a sufficient volume of water to keep up and ensure there is adequate water in the reservoir. If the system continues to operate in this manner, the reservoir level could be depleted entirely resulting in loss of water to customers, and / or compromised water quality.

To preserve the water supply and avoid system shut downs, the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) is asking customers to not use water outdoors

-          No garden sprinklers
-          No pool / hot tub filling
-          No car washing

Drip irrigation could be operated overnight as water application efficiency is high with properly installed drip irrigation and reduces water loss during watering.  In addition, customers may hand water using a watering can or hose with spring-loaded nozzle. 

Staff will be reviewing water demand patterns with a goal of developing water use restrictions in the future.  The goal will be to allow customers to water sparingly, on different schedules or during a specified time while still maintaining water levels in the reservoir. 

Customers will be informed when restrictions are rescinded via road signs, the Grindrod Water email alert system, and the RDNO website.