Greater Vernon Water Agricultural Water Service Turn-Offs start September 15, 2021

Posted Wednesday, August 11, 2021

*NEW* Applications for a late turn-off must be submitted and paid for by September 10 annually to avoid paying the additional $200 late fee that starts September 11.

Customers may apply for a late turn-off by completing the Extended Irrigation Season Application (formerly the Agricultural Early Turn-On/Late Turn-Off). A $95 application fee will apply and is non-refundable. The form can be found online at www.rdno.ca/water (click the Forms link) or call the RDNO office at 250-550-3700 to have a copy sent to you.

Please leave the irrigation meter on until the final reading is obtained and the service is off. It takes operators approximately two weeks to reach all customers.

Instructions for winterizing your equipment can be found at www.rdno.ca/ccc. Protect the Meter and Backflow Prevention Device as follows:

  • drain after turn-off
  • cover or remove to heated storage
  • DO NOT blow high pressure air through the meter or backflow preventer as this could damage the assembly.


  • Due to drought and/or fire flow needs, water service is not guaranteed to be available at usual levels. Further water restrictions may be imposed at any time.
  • Applications received after September 10 annually will be subject to an additional $200 Late Fee.
  • Self-Serve customers who do not apply for late turn-off will be charged the Off-Season Rate of $0.91/cubic meter for all water used after September 15, 2021.