Important Changes to Your Utility Bill - Electoral Areas B & C, Whitevale, Silver Star, Grindrod & Gunter Ellison Only

Posted Thursday, February 1, 2018

We have made some exciting improvements to better serve customers and make the billing process more efficient and user-friendly.  This applies to Electoral Areas B and C, Whitevale, Silver Star, Grindrod, and Gunter Ellison customers only.

Your utility bill now has a new look and new features including:

  1. Your Utility ACCOUNT NUMBER has CHANGED – please make note of your new account number and start using for all payments. 
  2. Total metered consumption is shown separately and graphed at bottom of the bill.
  3. Metered consumption which is based on tiers is shown in detail.

ONLINE Bank Payments
It is very important if you use your banks online system for making payments that you modify your account number. 
The payee for utility accounts should be listed under Regional District of North Okanagan – Utilities.  Your bank may have shortened the name but a search of our name should bring us up as a payee where you would enter your new account number.  Please use your new account number for all utility payments.

Watch for us to roll out a preauthorized payment plan.  Applications and information will be sent out with your utility bill when the plan is available.
Thank you for your patience during this transition.