Notice to Greater Vernon Water Customers

Posted Saturday, March 28, 2015

Greater Vernon Water (GVW) advises customers that the Kalamalka Lake water source was turned off on Saturday March 28, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. due to turbidity that can reduce the Ultra Violet Disinfection effectiveness at the Mission Hill Treatment Plant.

The Mission Hill Treatment Plant treats water from Kalamalka Lake with Ultra Violet Disinfection but does not have filtration; therefore the water quality can be vulnerable to changes occurring in and around the lake. The decision to turn off the Kalamalka Lake water source was based on increased turbidity from spring run-off, especially noted in Coldstream Creek and its affect on the intake in Kalamalka Lake. All water in the Greater Vernon service area will be supplied from the Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant (DCWTP) to avoid issuing a Boil Water Notice to customers normally on Kalamalka Lake.

Customers who are not normally on the DCWTP water source may notice that the water is softer and the water has a low alkalinity and pH. This may be of interest to those customers who have in-home water treatment systems or aquariums.

Staff will continue to monitor water quality and notify customers of any further changes. Customers will be notified via radio, newspaper and the Regional District of North Okanagan website at www.rdno.ca when the Kalamalka Lake water source is turned back on.

For further information, please call 250-550-3700 or visit www.rdno.ca.