Precautionary Water Quality Notice Rescinded - Water Source Change is Still in Place

Posted Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A precautionary Water Quality Notice that was in place for all Greater Vernon Water (GVW) customers has now been rescinded. The water is back to being treated by both the UV Facility and the Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant. At no time was a boil water notice in place.

All GVW customers are receiving water from the Duteau Creek water source due to a planned capital project at the Kal Lake Pump House. Crews are working to make the Kal Lake Pump House flood-resistant, and in order to do so, they have turned off the Kalamalka Lake water source. Duteau Creek water is softer than Kalamalka Lake water, which may be of interest to those customers who have in-home water treatment systems or aquariums.

Who is affected?
All Greater Vernon Water customers are receiving water from Duteau Creek. The Water Quality Notice has been rescinded. See the map below, which shows everyone receiving water from Duteau Creek.

What is the reason for the water source change?
Flood-proofing the Kal Lake Pump House requires the Kalamalka Lake water source to be turned off. While that capital project is being completed, all GVW customers will receive water from Duteau Creek Water Treatment Facility.

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Rescinded Water Quality Notice & all Customers receiving Duteau Creek Water.