Recreational Water Use Information

Posted Friday, June 2, 2017

Interior Health has issued the following information on safe Recreational Water Use:

  • The public should be aware that there is always a risk when it comes to potential contaminants in recreational water.  If contaminants, are present, they would be concentrated in standing flood water but typically dissipate in a large body of water like a lake.
  • The public is encouraged not to swim in areas where septic systems which may have been compromised or if there is any other visible surface contamination. People who are concerned about potential health risks associated with recreational water are encouraged to contact their local government for information on sampling.
  • Due to high water levels and flooding there is an increased amount of debris (logs etc.) in local Lakes.  Some beaches have limited or no access.  There may also be increased bacterial levels in the lake water.  Large debris in recreational waters can present physical hazards to beach users and increase the risk of entrapment and drowning in rivers or lakes.  Swimmers should make efforts not to ingest lake water and swim with caution when near debris. Children should be closely supervised.
  • If the public has any questions about the beach sampling program for Kal Beach, and if/when they will be starting for the season, they should contact the RDNO.  Similarly, Kalamalka Provincial Park is taking part in the beach sampling program and the Ministry of Environment (BC Parks) is the contact for any questions at 250-260-3590.
  • For beach sampling, Interior Health receives the results and if the results exceed the guidelines, there will be discussions with the local government office(s) about posting notification at the beach.   By the end of June, the first beach sample results will be available for the public to see at www.interiorhealth.ca under the Your Environment tab. Given recent warm weather and flooding activity, Interior Health has made beach sampling available to local governments that wish to start sampling before mid-June.