Status Quo for Recycling Services at Recycling and Disposal Facilities

Posted Thursday, July 3, 2014

The recycling landscape in British Columbia changed significantly as of May 19, 2014. Under a provincially approved Stewardship Plan, Multi-Material BC (MMBC) became responsible for the collection of residential packaging and printed paper (PPP) in the province. The long running RDNO Residential Curbside Blue Bag Collection Program was replaced by the MMBC residential curbside blue box collection program. In addition to residential curbside collection, MMBC established two depots in Vernon for the collection of container glass, Styrofoam and plastic film.

The MMBC stewardship plan deals with residential PPP only. MMBC does not provide service to industrial, commercial or institutional generators of PPP, and not all multi-family complexes have committed to the MMBC PPP collection program. Due to the fact that not all recycling needs are currently being serviced throughout the North Okanagan, the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) will continue to provide recycling drop centre services at all Recycling and Disposal Facilities and Transfer Stations.

Residents who have received MMBC blue boxes are strongly encouraged to utilize the MMBC curbside collection service. All residents are also strongly encouraged to make use of the two MMBC depots for free drop off of glass containers, Styrofoam, and plastic film.

Blue Bag Recyclables and cardboard will continue to be accepted at all RDNO Recycling andDisposal Facilities and Transfer Stations. This service is intended for small business, multi-family and single family residential customers who do not receive service through MMBC by allowing them to continue to recycle paper, plastics #1-7 (including film), cardboard and food grade tin and aluminum.

Customers are reminded that Styrofoam is accepted for recycling at the Greater Vernon and Armstrong Spallumcheen Recycling and Disposal Facilities only. A charge of $88/tonne with a $3 minimum will apply. Styrofoam is not accepted in Blue Bag Recyclables bins at the RDFs.

Glass containers will continue to be accepted at all RDNO Recycling and Disposal Facilities and Transfer Stations for reuse at the sites. Glass containers are also accepted at the Armstrong Spallumcheen Bottle Depot, the Enderby Bottle Depot and Chasers Bottle Depot.

For further information about RDNO waste reduction services, please contact the RDNO at 250-550-3700 or by email at [email protected]