UPDATE: Greater Vernon Water - Emergency Water Service Interruption

Posted Tuesday, June 30, 2020

UPDATE - July 3, 2020: Water Quality Advisory Rescinded

Please click here to view the latest update: Water Quality Advisory Rescinded – Greater Vernon Water - Emergency Water Service Interruption

UPDATE - July 2, 2020: Greater Vernon Water – Emergency Repair Completed

The leak affecting a major water main serving Greater Vernon Water (GVW) customers has now been repaired. Customers may resume regular outdoor water use.

A precautionary Water Quality Advisory remains in effect for those customers who were out of water during the repair. As a result of the shut off, water quality may be affected for a period after the water is turned back on. This may also effect other customers downstream of the main repair, including the BX, east side of Swan Lake, and areas in Coldstream. Please run your tap until the water is cold and clear before consuming or doing laundry. Please visit www.rdno.ca/index.php/news/media-releases/water-quality-advisory-greater-vernon-water-emergency-water-service-interruption for more information.

GVW wishes to thank all customers for their patience and for limiting water use. As a result of the community’s efforts, crews were able to complete the repair and also substantially limit the number of customers out of water.

Large agricultural water services that were turned off have now been turned back on and may resume normal operations.

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A major water main serving Greater Vernon Water (GVW) customers is under emergency repair. As a result, some areas in the BX will be shut off for 24 hours (see www.rdno.ca for map / North BX Pump Station) effective the evening of June 30. Should water use remain high, a second area will be included in the shut off (see www.rdno.ca for map / South BX Pump Station). Customers should prepare for 24 hours without water by filling up jugs to store drinking water (ie: fridge and bath tubs can be filled to store water for cooking and cleaning).

Large agricultural water services are being turned off to limit flows and industrial water users are asked to reduce use as much as they can.

All customers can do their part to help our water system by reducing water use. This will avoid the need to turn off larger sections of the water system. MANDATORY - NO OUTDOOR USE for the repair period: Tuesday-Friday. Turn off automatic sprinklers and drip irrigation systems that are set to run overnight.

The water main break is located at an early point in the distribution system, meaning that most GVW customers will have to be served by one source instead of the two we usually rely upon. Crews attempted to complete the repair Tuesday morning but were unable to do so due to high water use within the system.

We estimate that the repair will be completed by Thursday morning, but GVW is asking customers to continue to not use water outdoors until Friday.