Waste Reduction Initiatives Fund Supports Local Groups

Posted Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) Waste Reduction Initiatives Fund (WRIF) was established in 2008 to assist the RDNO in reaching one of the primary objectives listed in the Regional District’s Solid Waste Management Plan, which is to reduce the amount of refuse disposed per capita by 50% or more (0.55 tonnes/capita/year or less) compared to 1990 levels. Under the WRIF, $10,000 is available to community groups, non-profit organizations and individuals to develop programs, projects, events, processes, technologies, and/or methods to educate the public, promote a product, promote an event, design equipment or develop processes that will further reduce waste generation.

This year the $10,000 in funding was distributed amongst seven groups in the RDNO. The 2014 recipients of the WRIF are as follows;

- Kindale Community Building;
- Vernon in Transition;
- Vernon and District Association for Community Living;
- Interior Provincial Exhibition;
- Enderby and District Community Resource Centre;
- Lavington Community Association; and
- Vernon Christian School.

The 2014 projects include an Earth Day textile recycling event, educational materials for food diversion and general waste reduction activities, composting classes, community garage sale support, supplies for enhanced composting efforts, and electrical upgrades to enable baling and densification of recyclable products.

The RDNO is pleased to support the 2014 initiatives developed by our community and school groups and we will be looking for more waste reduction projects in 2015. The application deadline for 2015 WRIF funding is April 22, 2015 (Earth Day). Application forms are available at www.rdno.ca and at the RDNO. Call 250-550-3700 for more information.