Water Main Flushing – Silver Star Water Utility

Posted Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) is advising customers of the Silver Star Water Utility that water main flushing has been completed at Silver Star, and this activity may temporarily affect the quality of water delivered to homes and businesses.

Where and why are customers affected?

Flushing water from fire hydrants is a procedure usually carried out on an annual basis to remove accumulated sediments from the water system and improve water quality for public health.  Flushing signs are posted in affected areas when crews are working.  Please be considerate of crews and drive carefully in work areas.

When flushing is in progress in your area you may notice a reduction in water pressure, and additional sediments or discoloration of the water.  During this time you may choose to boil or not drink the water.  Checking your water before doing laundry is strongly advised.  Once flushing is complete it may be necessary to run an outside tap or inside cold water tap(s) until the water clears.

The RDNO advises commercial customers and the large condominium style residences to flush their inside and on-site water lines to dispose of water that may have remained in the lines all summer.

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If you have any questions about flushing or your water quality, please contact the RDNO at 250-550-3700 or check our website at www.rdno.ca.