Greater Vernon Water Supply Update

The Regional District of North Okanagan wishes to update customers of Greater Vernon Water (GVW) on current water supply levels.  Duteau Creek Water Reservoir readings taken by GVW staff on July 12, 2017, show that the reservoirs are nearing Stage 1 levels despite reaching maximum reservoir capacity in early May. Precipitation in June was very low and we are experiencing increased water demands.

Based on forecasts for continued hot and dry weather, GVW urges customers to use water wisely to avoid Stage 1 or further water use restrictions.  GVW continues to be at the Normal Water Use Restriction Stage and sprinklers are not allowed to be used between 10 am and 7 pm.  Most lawns only need to be watered once per week.  Watering restrictions are required year-round to help avoid high water demands that can stress pipes and pumps. 

Waterwise yard care can be as simple as:

  • Water in the evening or early morning to reduce water loss to evaporation.
  • Water lawns once a week to encourage deep, healthy roots.  Put a tuna can or pie plate under the sprinkler and time how long it takes to fill – that’s how long you need to run the sprinkler to give your lawn a healthy watering.
  • Check underground sprinklers monthly to ensure you are watering plants, not pavement.

GVW will continue to monitor climate trends and customer water demand to assess our water supply status.  Updates will be reported to local media and online at www.rdno.ca/waterrestrictions.