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Halloween Safety Tips

RDNO Safe Communities want kids of all ages to have a happy and safe Halloween this year. Below are a few tips to ensure everyone has a great time.

Costume safety
While kids (and adults!) may be focused on a costume that impresses friends, try to keep safety top of mind.

•    Wear a light-coloured or bright outfit, reflective tape or armbands to heighten visibility.
•    Make sure the costume is properly fitted to reduce the chance of tripping on it.
•    Select a costume that is constructed from flame-retardant materials.
•    Make sure your vision is not restricted. Consider completing your costume with makeup not masks.
•    Choose safety over fashion! Shoes should fit properly even if they do not go well with an outfit.
•    Create a fun necklace with string and glow sticks to keep kids visible to cars. Alternatively, accessorize with a flashlight!
•    Are "fake" swords, knives and guns part of your costume? Make sure they look fake and remember that some people still may not be able to tell the difference.

Pedestrian Safety
•    If parents can't go with children, have another parent, older sibling or babysitter go with them. Stay on the sidewalks and look both ways before crossing the street at marked crosswalks.
•    Pets can get frightened on Halloween, so avoid interacting with animals that you don’t know.

Plan ahead
•    Sit down and plan out the trick-or-treating route before heading out.
•    Ensure your child is wearing a watch or has a cell phone to meet the agreed-upon curfew.
•    Older children trick-or-treating without an adult should walk in groups and stay together and know how to get in touch with parents in the case of an emergency.
•    Make sure your child understands the places along his or her route where they can get help.

•    In some areas, fireworks are prohibited/regulated all year round according to the Firearms Bylaw. Make sure that you are aware of the local rules before lighting fireworks.
•    Fireworks aren't kids play: every Halloween children and adults end up at hospital emergency rooms for firework-associated injuries.

Halloween safety is not limited to the little ones. There are steps adults can take to keep themselves, and their property free from any hair-raising experiences.

•    Ensure your house is well lit.
•    Keep walkways obstacle free.
•    Keep pets indoors away from trick-or-treaters.

•    Drive sober.
•    Avoid driving in residential areas while trick-or-treaters are out.
•    Slow down and be extra cautious. Expect that children dart out from between parked cars.
•    Do not wear costumes that interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle by restricting movement, impeding vision or prohibiting the use of safety restraints.

Have a spooky and safe time!