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Flood Mitigation Work to Begin at Mabel Lake Water Utility

Posted Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Starting this week, the RDNO is constructing a wave-breaking wall to protect the Mabel Lake Pump House from damage caused by flooding. In the past ten years, the lake has flooded twice with water levels coming close to flooding the pump station. Because of the location, the pump house is susceptible to flooding or extreme damage from wave action. This building houses the pumps that supply water to homes and businesses for most of the community. High water can also cause debris like logs to get stuck under the pump house which can cause damage to the pump house and is a safety risk for the staff during removal. 

“Since the pump house that supplies water to Mabel Lake Water customers is right beside the lake, it’s vulnerable to wave action and high water levels,” said Zee Marcolin, General Manager of Utilities. “Wave damage to the building could cause major issues as this is the only water source for Mabel Lake customers.”

The project benefitted from a Community Emergency Preparedness Grant from the Province and administered by the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) which funded 100% of the $130,000 project cost.

“Work has already been done to move all of the electrical equipment higher to ensure we can still operate if the building gets flooded. Building a protective wall will protect the pump house from damage to avoid costly repairs or the alternative of having to move the pump house further away from the lake. Moving the pump house was estimated at $1,000,000,” said Marcolin.

The work has commenced and should only take a few weeks to complete.

Photos of High Water near Pump House