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Greater Vernon Water – Water Storage Update

Posted Friday, May 9, 2014

Duteau Creek Water Reservoir readings taken by Greater Vernon Water (GVW) May 6, 2014 show that the reservoirs are near capacity and are predicted to spill this weekend on May 10 or 11. Residents near creeks and streams should be aware that stream water levels may rise quickly during this time. GVW urges people to exercise caution around the fast moving water – particularly children and recreational users. Banks adjacent to streams and creeks are slippery and, when combined with fast-moving water, pose a serious risk.

GVW is tracking the latest climate information to help predict water supply levels. According to the BC River Forecast Centre, the May 1 snow basin indices are at 128% of normal, an increase from the 97% recorded in April, for the Okanagan-Kettle Basin including Kalamalka Lake. The South Thompson Basin, which includes the Duteau Creek water reservoirs, is at 114% of normal compared to 105% in April. The combined readings from GVW and the BC River Forecast Centre show a close to average year for snow pack and reservoir levels.

Due to cooler temperatures at the end of April, the BC River Forecast Centre notes there has been a delay in snowmelt. The Centre predicts above normal temperatures for May to July 2014 increasing the possibility of higher than normal run-off during this period. GVW will continue to monitor climate trends and their impact on our water supplies. Updates will be reported as they are received via information bulletins, in local newspapers, and also online at www.rdno.ca.

For further information, please call 250-550-3700.