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Lumby adds new Bush Truck to Lifesaving Fleet

Posted Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Lumby and District Fire Department has added a new bush truck to its fleet, which will serve the public in emergencies. The new truck is built to respond to wildland fires and is adaptable to other emergency calls.

“This truck is replacing somewhat of a homemade solution for a bush truck. We had purchased a used pick-up truck quite a few years ago and added pumping capabilities to it. It wasn't a permanent solution and wasn't ideal, so we are happy to have been able to budget for and purchase a purpose-built bush truck," said Tony Clayton, Fire Chief, Lumby and District Fire Department.

The old truck will be sold once the firefighters are trained on the new one.

“It's important for us to be mindful of the equipment our Fire Departments require and to plan for years in the future. This truck was part of their long-term plan, so it's always good news when a vehicle arrives after being budgeted and anticipated for years," said Kevin Acton, Chair of the RDNO Board and Mayor of Lumby.

“This new truck gives the Fire Department a versatile vehicle that is capable of responding in town, or out in the forest. It's a great asset to add to their fleet," said Rick Fairbairn, Director for Electoral Area D.

Previous truck: 

New truck: