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New Extension to the Kal Crystal Waters Trail makes use of Historical Passageways

Posted Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The RDNO completed construction on an extension to the Kal Crystal Waters trail, which is adjacent to the Okanagan Rail Trail. The new section features stunning viewpoints of Kalamalka Lake, a plethora of birdwatching opportunities, and offers a shady path through forested sections.

The trail development is unique in that the RDNO did not have to purchase land. In fact, parts of the trail are on an old early 1900s highway. Other sections were granted as easements or right of ways by property owners and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

An old car parked on Kalamalka Lake Drive (the old Highway 97 south) overlooking Kalamalka Lake in 1915. The new Kal Crystal Waters trail is partially comprised of this old highway. Image Courtesy: Vernon Museum and Archives – Photo No. 1349.

“The discussions for the Kal Crystal Waters trail began in 2013. When the Okanagan Rail Trail project began taking off in 2015, the enthusiasm and energy were understandably shifted to creating that trail,” said Bob Fleming, Director for Electoral Area B.

After the Okanagan Rail Trail was complete, the RDNO was able to get back to completing the Kal Crystal waters trail, which now runs beside the bustling rail trail.

The Kal Crystal Waters Trail offers a more challenging incline than the Okanagan Rail Trail, with options for trail looping with the Rail Trail to provide a different perspective of Kalamalka Lake and the landscape.

The 24-kilometre trail’s southern access is from Crystal Waters Road, and the northern access is at Okanagan College. Trail users can travel from the college to Lake Country off of the highway. View this map to plan your trip.

Electoral Area “B” funded this project through the Community Works Fund.  This fund consists of a stream of federal gas tax funding that is delivered to all local governments in British Columbia, including electoral areas, to support local infrastructure priorities.

 Bob Fleming, Director of Electoral Area B, standing at an entrance to the Kal Crystal Waters Trail off of Crystal Waters Road.