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New Playground Installed at BX Community Park

Posted Friday, August 14, 2020

A new playground is open at the BX Community Park, located at 5734 Silver Star Road.

“The old structure was a wooden frame which was deteriorating and unsafe. The new playground has a metal base which will make it much more durable for years,” said Bob Fleming, Director for Electoral Area B.

The new playground also includes multiple slides, monkey bars, interactive spinning wheel with a maze inside. And, since it’s situated adjacent to a field, families can plan picnics and maintain social distancing from other families.

“This is a great new space that families can explore!” said Amanda Shatzko, Director for Electoral Area C.

“There’s a cool new play structure that looks like a fire truck, and since the playground is situated right behind the BX-Swan Lake Firehall, kids may even hear or see real fire trucks while they are playing.”

Park patrons are reminded to not park in the fire hall parking lot, and instead to park at the entrance to the park on E Dedecker Road. And, since playgrounds have a high number of touchpoints, people are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before and after visiting and maintain social distancing.

In addition to the new playground, other upgrades to Area B and C parks include the installation of new safety surfacing at the N’Kwala and Gibbs Road playgrounds. Electoral Areas “B” and “C” have funded these projects through the Community Works Fund. This fund consists of a stream of federal gas tax funding that is delivered to all local governments in British Columbia, including electoral areas, to support local infrastructure priorities.

Director Amanda Shatzko testing out the new fire truck play structure at the BX Community Park