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Options for Diverting Yard & Garden Waste from Landfills

Posted Thursday, September 24, 2020

Ahead of the busy fall season for disposing of yard and garden waste, the RDNO is sharing tips on how to keep these useable materials out of landfills. Diverting yard and garden waste from the landfill conserves valuable landfill space, reduces potent greenhouse gas emissions that result from landfilling of organic matter, and recovers compost, a useful resource for improving our soils.

Three simple ways you can keep Yard & Garden Waste out of our landfills:

  1. Compost or mulch materials in your yard. Fine materials such as leaves, grass clippings, small trimmings and chipped materials can break down into compost and healthy soils quite quickly. Find several ways to compost, mulch and grasscycle at www.rdno.ca/composting.
  2. Check with your municipality to see if they offer a Yard & Garden Waste collection program.
  3. Drop off Yard & Garden Waste at the nearest RDNO Diversion and Disposal Facility (DDF). Yard & Garden Waste is accepted free of charge, year-round. The RDNO produces RDNO-Gro compost at the Greater Vernon DDF, which is available free of charge.

If you bring Yard & Garden Waste to an RDNO DDF, please note:

  • Yard & Garden Waste is accepted in designated areas only (please follow signs and staff directions).
  • All materials must be debagged, and plastic bags must not be left in the yard and garden waste pile. Kraft paper bags can be left in the pile but must be emptied first.
  • Leaves, grass, mulch, trimmings, prunings and other plant material less than 20 cm (or approximately 8 inches) in diameter are accepted.
  • Materials must originate from yard and garden maintenance on properties located within the RDNO (no out of region material, please).
  • Yard waste does not include animal feces, cardboard, plastic, soil, rocks, fencing, fabric, netting and other non-vegetated landscaping and gardening waste. Any material other than yard is not permitted in the yard waste stockpile.

Please ensure you follow social distancing measures by staying at least 2 metres apart from other customers and staff at an RDNO DDF. Autumn can be a busy time for yard waste drop off. Expect lineups, and please be patient. DDF staff continue to provide an essential service during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please treat them with kindness and respect.