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Province Issues Fire Ban for the Region

Posted Thursday, June 28, 2018

Effective Friday, June 22 the Province of British Columbia issued burn prohibitions throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre’s jurisdiction, including the North Okanagan region.

Any open burns larger than a campfire are prohibited within the region to help prevent human-caused wildfires and to protect the public. A campfire burn is identified as half a metre wide by half a metre long by half a meter high, and this ban does not apply to gas, propane or briquette cooking stoves. The prohibition will remain in effect until October 15, 2018 or until the public is otherwise notified.

“Federal and Provincial agencies have learned to predict risk seasons with greater accuracy”, stated Alastair Crick, Protective Services Manager. “This helps us communicate more proactively with residents on the importance of preparedness, and the value in eliminating fire fuels around properties”.

The Regional District of North Okanagan encourages all North Okanagan residents, especially those in less accessible areas, to adopt an active FireSmart policy in regards to the protection of private property. Reduction in risk and loss will result from making smart decisions to reduce fuel loads on the premises and being prepared for the possibility of emergencies.

“We are available to meet with neighborhoods and groups in the area to provide advice on what can be achieved, and methods to reduce the risk”, stated Crick. “Prepared BC has a variety of resources available for everyone to be proactive in educating themselves.”

“Property owners are highly encouraged to reduce the amount of wood waste on their property”, stated Mike Fox, General Manager of Community Services. “This waste can be disposed of at your nearest Recycling and Disposal Facility. The Kingfisher and Cherryville transfer stations will be reducing their own fire fuels by chipping and hauling away wood waste in the next few weeks.”

For more information on fire bans, restrictions and fire preparedness strategies please visit www.gov.bc.ca. Residents can also receive instant updates on fire conditions by subscribing to the RDNO email list at www.rdno.ca/subscribe.