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RDNO Adjusts Operating Hours for Silver Star Transfer Station Following Public Engagement

Posted Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Changes to operations at the Silver Star Transfer Station are on schedule to take effect on August 1, 2020. The SSTS will be staffed with set operating hours and collection of disposal fees. 

The proposed operating hours were initially announced in April, and after concerns were raised by the community, another opportunity for input was provided.

“Following the second round of public engagement, we were able to refine the operating hours to suit the community better,” said Amanda Shatzko, Electoral Area C Director. “We received lots of input, and I’m happy that we incorporated more feedback into the operational structure.

The operating hours change seasonally and are listed in the table below:

The transfer station will now be staffed, and customers will be required to pay a disposal fees each time they drop off  bagged residential and commercial garbage at the facility. The user pay model replaces the fees that had previously been levied property taxes and untility bills for resort businesses and residents. The minimum fee is $6 for up to 150lbs of garbage and is prorated at $103/tonne for loads over 150lbs.

“We want to be clear that we do not charge by the bag, but by weight. Most residential homes will take a long time to generate 150lbs of garbage, so they may be interested in coordinating runs with their neighbours to share costs,” said Mike Fox, General Manager of Community Services.

“One of the key benefits of these changes is that the less garbage you produce, the less you will pay,” said Amanda Shatzko, Electoral Area C Director. “This way, people who produce less garbage are not subsidizing the higher producers of waste.”

Another issue with an unstaffed transfer station over the years was the drop off of inappropriate materials, such as hazardous waste, and bulky items that do not fit in the refuse compactor.  Disposal of such items will not be permitted and facility customers will be informed of safe and appropriate disposal measures for these items.

Facility upgrades will be carried out to ensure that the facility meets the needs of transfer station customers. 

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