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RDNO Adopts New Tagline: One Region, One Future

Posted Friday, July 19, 2019

Regional Districts were established by the Province of BC in 1965 out of a need for greater regional cooperation. Today, Regional Districts function as the essential link between neighbouring municipalities and rural areas known as Electoral Areas. The Board of Directors, which govern the Regional District, is made up of representatives from each member community. Together, they consider decisions that impact their communities and their neighbours. There is an intrinsic acknowledgement that at the regional board table, we have one region and one future. The RDNO’s new tagline One Region, One Future speaks to the founding principles of Regional Districts and sets the stage for future cooperation and collaboration.

The RDNO provides over 70 services to over 86,000 people in the North Okanagan. These services range from running the Diversion and Disposal facilities, to providing safe, clean water, to planning and building services. All of these services require the Board to come together and make decisions; sometimes, they include participation from all Electoral Areas and member municipalities, and sometimes just one or two communities participate. 

“We often hear from North Okanagan residents that even though they receive many services from us, they don’t know what a Regional District is, or can’t quite define what it is we do,” said Ashley Gregerson, Communications Officer, RDNO. “We know that our organization is complex, so we are expanding our communication efforts with the public and are working hard on making ourselves more visible in the community.”

“This tagline succinctly sums up our purpose, and helps us define our identity with only four words,” Gregerson went on to say.

The Board unanimously endorsed the tagline at the July 17, 2019, Regular Board Meeting.

“It’s tried and true. Having already been the tagline for the Regional Growth Strategy, it made sense to adopt it as our organizational tagline,” said Kevin Acton, Chair of the RDNO Board of Directors.