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RDNO Board of Directors Explore Innovative ways to Divert Waste

Posted Friday, December 14, 2018

The Board of Directors unanimously passed three motions related to reducing and diverting waste from the RDNO’s landfills at the Committee of the Whole meeting on December 12, 2018. The motions will be before the Board for official adoption in 2019.

The motions requested:

  • That staff be directed to develop a Bylaw, including a review of similar Bylaws implemented in Victoria and Salmon Arm, banning single-use plastics.
  • That staff be directed to investigate waste to energy opportunities for Solid Waste Management.
  • That staff be directed to undertake a Request for Proposal process for recycling opportunities at all Regional District of North Okanagan Recycling and Disposal Facilities.

The motions came after the RDNO’s contractor gave notice that they would no longer pick up the comingled items from the Recycling Drop Centres located at the landfills and transfer stations, effectively discontinuing the program. The change came after the end markets that buy recycling set unattainably low levels for acceptable contamination.

“We put the comingled recycling drop centre program in place at our landfills and transfer stations with the intention for them to work effectively, and while they were for years, the market has changed, and we have to adapt to it”, said Kevin Acton, Chair of the RDNO Board. “It’s clear that changes in world recycling markets are affecting more than just the landfills in the North Okanagan, so we are considering solutions for the short and long term. We want to plan for our future by rethinking, reducing and reusing.”

Curbside recycling and recycling depots remain unchanged by the RDNO’s change in service.

Staff will report back to the Board with recommendations on the three motions in 2019.

Quick Facts:

  • Curbside recycling pick up will operate as normal as the RDNO does not provide curbside collection service.
  • Comingled materials that are not accepted after January 1, 2019, include printed paper, paper packaging, aluminum containers, tin containers, cartons & paper cups, plastic containers, styrofoam and glass containers.
  • RDNO will still accept clean, flattened, old corrugated cardboard at RDNO landfills and transfer stations.
  • The RDNO still accepts garbage, wood waste, yard & garden waste, construction and demolition waste, drywall, logs and stumps, mattresses/box springs, propane tanks, refrigerated appliances, scrap metal.
  • By downloading the Recyclepedia app, people can easily find recycling depots near them! Find it in the App Store and on Google Play.

For further information, please call 250.550.3700 or email [email protected].