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RDNO Flood Management Update

Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Water levels appear to be levelling off in most creeks, streams and rivers, but the Regional District of North Okanagan cautions residents that flood risk is still possible.

Looking from the bottom of the valley, visible snow has melted from the upper elevations, but a 50%+ snow pack still remains. With the recent high temperatures, rapid snow melt is still potential for water levels to increase. Weather forecasting for the next three days is calling for 15mm of rain with added expected thunderstorm activity. This could cause an additional 10 mm of rain in local areas.

“Lakes are approaching full levels, so shoreline residents and infrastructure owners need to consider possible protective measures required for their properties”, stated Alastair Crick, Protective Services Manager with the RDNO. “Regardless of the warm weather, we can’t let our guards down yet”.

The Regional District of North Okanagan advises any person working near creeks, streams and rivers to use extreme caution and safety measures. Fast moving water may cause erosion and bank instability.

When water levels do finally recede, residents can properly dispose of their sandbag and flood debris at the RDNO Recycling and Disposal Facilities. Items including clean wood, logs, stumps, sandbags and miscellaneous items that have been damaged or destroyed by flood water are accepted at the following rates:

Category Fee Per Tonne
Sandbags - all types, with or without sand (used as landfill cover $0
Limbs 20cm diameter or less (yard and garden waste) $0
Items containing at least 75% metal $10
Structures including docks (wood waste must be free of large pieces of metal) $20
Limbs >20cm in diameter (logs and stumps, clean and gindable) $20
Logs and stumps (dirty and ungrindable) $35
Non-Recyclable material - R01 - Regular Refuse $100
Non-Recyclable material mixed with Recyclable Material $203








The tipping fee minimum ($5.00) applies to all materials other than sandbags and limbs less than 20 cm in diameter.Wood items must not contain any bolts, spikes or any non-wood material other than paint/stain in order to be accepted at the $20/tonne rate.

Customers are encouraged to sort and separate their loads prior to arrival at any RDNO Recycling and Disposal Facility, as sorting will not be permitted on site. Residents with large quantities of debris should contact us for approval prior to drop off.

Residents can receive instant updates on flooding conditions by subscribing to the RDNO email list at www.rdno.ca/subscribe.

For more information please visit www.rdno.ca, or email us at [email protected]