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RDNO Offers Free Irrigation System Check-ups that could Save you Money

Posted Tuesday, July 14, 2020

July is a great time to get your irrigation system tuned up in preparation for the summer heat. To help residents match their irrigation efforts to their yard’s water needs, Greater Vernon Water, a service of the Regional District of North Okanagan, is introducing its WaterWise Yard Check-Up program.

Greater Vernon Water customers can book a FREE Yard Check-Up with our Water Ambassador. She will run through your irrigation system with you, map out your hydrozones, test your soil, and help you program your irrigation controller. Our Water Ambassador can also provide suggestions on WaterWise plant choices and maintenance techniques that can help you use less water.

In the Okanagan, 24% of the water we use each year goes onto our lawns and gardens. Using water more efficiently outdoors will help prevent summer watering restrictions by adapting our yards to our naturally arid climate.

You could be saving hundreds of dollars on your water bills annually by taking the time to get to know your controller and cutting back during the cooler, wetter months. It’s easy to forget to re-program irrigation controllers once they’re set up in the spring. Many controllers are set to provide the water needed during the hottest days of summer, to protect your plants, but this isn’t necessary every day.

Check-Ups are a great time to test out sprinklers and hunt for leaks. During last year’s WaterWise Yard Check-Up program, an appointment with one irrigation system revealed three leaks and an extra sprinkler head hiding underneath a hedge. Another customer found out they were running their system every day when they thought it was only going once a week – their water use dropped by 75% after their Check-Up.

Book today or find out more about the program by contacting our Water Ambassador at 250-550-3798 or emailing [email protected]

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