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RDNO Participates in Waste Reduction Week

Posted Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A pillar of the 3 R’s is “Reduce”, and the RDNO will be highlighting the many ways people can reduce garbage and waste in a week-long campaign. From October 21 to 27, the RDNO will be sharing waste reduction tips through its Waste Management e-newsletter.

While simple everyday habit changes may not feel like they are contributing much, consider this: there are over 89,000 people in the North Okanagan. If each person took one action to reduce their use of single-use plastics each day, that would add up to a staggering 32 million actions in our region in just one year.

Throughout the week, the RDNO will cover topics like how to pack a waste-free lunch, easy ways to replace single-use items with reusable items, and they’ve even planned out your next movie night. Sign up to get all of these tips at www.rdno.ca/subscribe.