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RDNO to Start Fining People who Abuse Staff at Landfills

Posted Thursday, April 16, 2020

Staff at the RDNO’s Diversion and Disposal Facilities (landfills) are keeping the facilities running and accessible to the public in the times of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, there have been repeated instances of verbal abuse, yelling and swearing at staff.

“We are all in this situation together, and we urge the public to recognize that the people running the facilities are keeping the sites open while also going through the stresses of a pandemic. A little bit of patience and kindness is what we all need right now,” said Mike Fox, General Manager of Community Services.

“It’s disheartening that we have come to this point, but we are prepared to issue $100 fines to people who don’t follow the basic, golden rule of treating others with respect,” said Fox. 

The RDNO has repeatedly reminded people to limit their trips to the landfill to essential trips only. Essential trips include getting rid of waste that will rot, stink, or attract animals. The facilities are limiting the number of patrons allowed on site at a time to follow the public health orders for social distancing. Because of the limited number allowed on site at a time, long waits should be expected.