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RDNO Wildfire Update – July 30, 2021

Posted Friday, July 30, 2021

Update August 13, 14:20 hrs - The RDNO has issued an update on the current wildfire situation affecting our electoral areas, including the White Rock Lake wildfire, Bunting Road wildfire and Winnifred Creek wildfire. All Alerts and Orders remain in place.

Update, August 1 19:53 hrs - the RDNO has placed Properties South of Six Mile Creek Road in Electoral Area B (above Westside Road) on Evacuation Order. Read the full media release.

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) has been working closely with the BC Wildfire Service and Emergency Management BC regarding wildfires within and nearby the RDNO's boundaries. The RDNO has a team of staff ready 24/7 should we get a recommendation from BC Wildfire to place additional areas on Evacuation Alert or an Order or make changes to existing Alerts and Orders.

"With the long weekend approaching, we encourage residents and visitors to our area to remain vigilant, prepared, and safe as we navigate through this challenging wildfire season. Review your emergency plan, check for local Alerts and Orders before travelling, and watch for updates," said Ashley Gregerson, EOC Information Officer, RDNO.

Because of the hot, dry conditions, the RDNO recommends that everyone prepare an emergency plan and pack a go-bag with important documents. Instructions on what to include are located here:

The RDNO recognizes that this is a stressful time for our region and broader province. Taking steps to have a family emergency plan, learning about what you could expect if evacuated, and also understanding that experts are working tirelessly to keep you safe and are prepared to adapt to the unique challenges of each wildfire can help ease some of those worries.

Update – July 30, 2021, 15:45 hrs

White Rock Lake Wildfire (#K61884)

The RDNO is closely monitoring this wildfire. The Evacuation Alert and Order remains in place and unchanged since it was issued on July 27. The Evacuation ORDER is in place for approximately 20 properties in the Pinaus Lake and Bouleau Lake area. The Evacuation ALERT is in effect for approximately 60 properties in Electoral Area B to the west of OKIB IR #1. View the map on our website at www.rdno.ca.

There are currently 117 firefighters working on this fire, including 100 from Quebec. Conditions on site are extremely smoky, which is hampering the ability of aircraft to fly and challenging suppression efforts.

Given the forecasted weather conditions, fire growth is expected. To protect the safety of the public and first responders, the BC Wildfire Service will continue to evaluate the need for further evacuation order and alert recommendations.

This fire spans the boundaries of multiple regional districts and the Okanagan Indian Band lands. Evacuation Alerts and Orders are issued by the affected local governments on the recommendation of BC Wildfire, so for information outside of the RDNO's boundaries, residents should check with their local authority.

The Fires of Note webpage for White Rock Lake wildfire is located at http://bcfireinfo.for.gov.bc.ca/hprScripts/WildfireNews/OneFire.asp?ID=855

Bunting Road Wildfire (#K41561)

The Evacuation Alert and Order remains in place and is unchanged since it was issued on July 26. The fire has been a challenging one for crews to fight since the terrain is steep, and the smoke has hindered the ability for aerial firefighting efforts to occur. The wildfire is expected to continue to move south. There are 13 firefighters and 2 helicopters working on the Bunting Road wildfire. The Mabel Lake Forest Service Road remains closed.

The Fires of Note webpage for Bunting Road Wildfire is located at http://bcfireinfo.for.gov.bc.ca/hprScripts/WildfireNews/OneFire.asp?ID=853

Winnifred Creek Wildfire (#K42042)

This Evacuation ALERT remains in effect. If you are within the area identified on the map, now is the time to pack your emergency go-bag and prepare to leave at a moment's notice. Please note that Provincial campgrounds and rec sites are under the jurisdiction of the Government of British Columbia, so Alerts and Orders for those sites are issued by the Province. 

Two Mile Creek Wildfire (#K42078)

At this time, this fire on the east side of Mara Lake and within the Columbia Shuswap Regional District is not a threat to the properties within the RDNO's boundaries along Mara Lake.

The Fires of Note webpage for the Two Mile Creek Wildfire is located: http://bcfireinfo.for.gov.bc.ca/hprScripts/WildfireNews/OneFire.asp?ID=862

Becker Lake Wildfire

There have been reports of smoke sightings in this area, but the fire is contained.  There are no active Evacuation Alerts or Orders in relation to this fire, and the RDNO does not expect this to change.