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Trees Illegally Cut along RDNO Trails

Posted Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Trees along the RDNO section of the Okanagan Rail Trail and the Grey Canal trails have been illegally cut down in the past week.

“It’s selfish to chop down healthy trees on public land, whether one is doing it to better their view, or for any other reason,” said Mike Fox, General Manager of Community Services. “The trails were designed to include natural elements, including adjacent trees and shrubs, so please leave them there for all users of the trail to enjoy.”

RDNO Bylaw is investigating the incidents. Parks, Trails and Natural Spaces are created by the RDNO for everyone’s enjoyment. It is against RDNO bylaws to remove vegetation from RDNO land without permission. The RDNO asks anyone that sees a person removing or vandalizing the RDNO land to call bylaw at 250-550-3700. The penalty for defacing, cutting, destroying, or damaging any tree, shrub, or plant is $250.

Photos of the affected trees

Trees chopped down along the RDNO section of the Okanagan Rail Trail

Trees chopped down along the Grey Canal Trail