Okanagan Rail Trail Information

  1. The trail in the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) (and Lake Country) portion is open, but is undeveloped.  Construction will begin in the Spring of 2017.  It may take several years to have construction completed as development is dependent on available funding.
  2. Funds from the Okanagan Rail Trail fundraising will be used in 2017 for the following:
    1. Motorized vehicle barrier construction;
    2. Cliff face rock scaling;
    3. Signage;
    4. There may also be limited construction of the planned gravel based surfacing of the trail;
    5. Drainage issues, if and where they exist, will be addressed.
  3. Trail Facts:
    1. The trail officially starts at “Mile 88” above Pumphouse Beach at 13210 Westkal Road in Coldstream;
    2. Connections to Vernon along Kal Lake Road are being planned;
    3. Parking is available at Kal Beach parking lot, Kal Lake Road by Alpine Centre (Coldstream), Kekuli Bay Park;
    4. There is a connection to Kal-Crystal Waters Trail at Kekuli Bay Park;
    5. 13.5km from Kal Beach to Lake Country;
    6. 16km through Lake Country;
    7. 2.5km through OKIB Territory;
    8. 18km Lake Country to waterfront in Kelowna;
    9. 50km total distance, Kal Beach to Okanagan Lake in Kelowna.
  4. In RDNO:
    1. Dogs on leash are permitted;
    2. No horses;
    3. No motorized vehicles requiring a license (e.g. cars, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles).
  5. Garbage containers will be available on the trail and acceptable for bagged dog waste.
  6. No overnight camping.
  7. For the history of how the acquisition took place and for further detail, the City of Kelowna (https://www.kelowna.ca/our-community/planning-projects/long-range-planning/okanagan-rail-corridor) website contains a section with good information.