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Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides legislative and administrative services and support to the Board of Directors, Board Committees, other departments and the public and are responsible for:

  • Providing support to the Board including preparation and coordination of Board meetings, agendas and minutes;
  • Delegation requests;
  • Providing support to the Board’s appointed Committees;
  • Ensuring accurate recording of the proceedings of the board and their Committees, and the timely preservation and communication of all official minutes of Board business;
  • Conveying and interpreting decisions of the Board for action or information;
  • Directing and coordinating corporate policy, strategies and objectives;
  • Administering the corporate records management program;
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;
  • Administering statutory corporate administration functions, including legal document execution, and certification of bylaws, minutes and resolutions;
  • Composing bylaws, minutes and legal notices;
  • Conducting Local Government Elections and / or by-elections when required;
  • Administering elector approval processes including referendums, and alternative approval processes; and
  • Coordinating information dissemination through media releases, advertising and web site management.