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What You Can Do

The Weed Control Act of BC imposes a duty on occupiers of land to control noxious weeds, but without wide-spread cooperation and a commitment by individuals to address the problem, the efforts of weed programs can have limited success.

Please do your part by learning more about invasive plants and get actively involved, for the sake of our environment and economy. Together, we can make a difference!

What You Can Do:

  • Know your weeds - learn to recognize and identify invasive plants, and share this information with friends and neighbours
  • Early detection is key! 
  • Prevent weeds from establishing:
    • PULL isolated or new patches of weeds.
    • CLIP seed heads and place in a sealed bag.  Dispose via burial or landfilling.
    • BURY or BURN plants and seed heads.
    • Don’t let invasive plants go to seed.
  • Don’t plant invasive plant seeds or wildflower seed mixes that contain them.
  • Don’t let plants escape from your garden.
  • Stay on roads or designated trails.
  • Check yourself, animals, vehicle and recreational equipment for seeds and plant parts before leaving an infested area, and remove them.
  • Plant native grasses or native wildflower seed mixes on disturbed sites to prevent invasive plant growth and soil erosion.

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