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Prevention, Monitoring and Control

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) operates a prevention, monitoring and control program that is guided by the RDNO Pest Management Plan (PMP), which outlines an Integrated Pest Management approach that includes manual, mechanical, biological and chemical control methods on lands within the regional district.  Integrated Pest Management involves inventorying noxious weeds/invasive plants, selecting treatment methods, and evaluating effectiveness of treatment.

  • Mechanical and manual methods of weed control prevent weeds from producing seed and reduce the vigor of weed plants by cutting plants prior to seed production and depleting root reserves through repeated defoliation. Mechanical and manual control includes mowing, cutting, digging and hand pulling.
  • Biological control makes use of the plant's natural enemies, such as insects and pathogens, to reduce plant populations to economically manageable levels.  Biocontrol agents are carefully monitored and only available for some weed species.  The agents are thoroughly tested before release to ensure they will not harm native and desirable introduced plants. When effective, biological control provides self-perpetuating, self-dispersing, continual control of weeds, which makes it cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally compatible.
  • Chemical control (pesticide application) is only one component of the RDNO noxious weed/invasive plant control program but its use is critical to control the spread of noxious weeds/invasive plants throughout the RDNO. The general policy is towards selective application of pesticide as opposed to broadcast treatments. Generally these sites are isolated, small patches of noxious weeds/invasive plants that immediately threaten non-infested agricultural or Crown land, or are located near the roadside, readily available for transport to a non- infested area.


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