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Free Yard & Garden Waste Drop-off

Yard and Garden Waste can be dropped off at any RDNO Diversion and Disposal Facility free of charge.

What is Yard and Garden Waste?

"Yard and Garden Waste" is any organic material that comes from yard and garden management,
maintenance, repair and construction.

Organic material accepted by the RDNO includes:

  • trimmings and prunings (<8" diameter and 2 meters long)
  • leaves
  • grass
  • mulch
  • flowers
  • vegetable stalks (including pumpkins)
  • wood or herbaceous waste
  • wood chips
  • wind fallen fruit and vegetables; and
  • trees trunks and stumps (<8" diameter)

Yard waste does not include animal feces, cardboard, plastic, soil, rocks, fencing, fabric, netting and
other non-vegetated landscaping and gardening waste. Any material other than yard waste in the yard
waste pile is not permitted.

Grasscycling is another option to reduce yard work and help your lawn.

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