ICI Waste Reduction Planning Kit

Solid Solutions - Regional District of North OkanaganIndustrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) sectors produce more than half the solid waste being disposed of in local landfills. This comprises the environment and burdens business, as waste removal and disposal are increasingly costly. Therefore, an integrated and proactive approach to waste reduction will not only protect the environment - it will benefit ICI sectors by saving time and money, and by improving public image.

Developing a waste reduction plan is the second step in any serious attempt to reduce business waste. This kit provides step-by-step instructions on how to develop a waste reduction plan for any business. Simply review the information and undertake tasks that meet your needs.

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Why a Waste Reduction Plan?
Businesses develop waste reduction plans to identify and priortize the steps needed to reduce waste practically and cost-effectively. A good plan:

  • Reflects the results of a waste audit;
  • Sets priorities;
  • Explores waste reduction options;
  • Includes a cost/benefit analysis;
  • Outlines a business-specific waste reduction program;
  • Establishes procurement practices and regulatory considerations; and
  • Enables and promotes implementation and monitoring.

The user-friendly handouts included will help you meet these objectives:

Step 1: Setting Priorities (10Kb)
Step 2: Exploring Waste Reduction Options (10Kb)
Step 3: Conducting a Cost/Benefit Analysis (10Kb)
Step 4: Designing a Waste Reduction Program (25Kb)
Step 5: Revising Procurement Policies (10Kb)

(All 5 Steps in one document - 40Kb)

Waste Reduction Strategy Handouts

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