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Rethinking Single-Use Plastics

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For the latest COVID-19 information for food businesses including recommended procedures for the safe use of reusable items please follow this link to the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Single-use plastics include items such as shopping bags, straws, utensils, take out containers and cups and more.

The increasing presence of plastic in the environment and landfills shows that there is an urgent need to Rethink plastic consumption. Since the 1950’s billions of tonnes of plastic waste have been generated around the world, much of this from disposable products that end up in landfills or polluting our land and water. RDNO is responding to this issue with a proposed bylaw on single use checkout bags which has been submitted to the BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change for approval.

Earlier in 2019 the RDNO Board of Directors sent a letter to the BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change to enforce a uniform provincial ban on single-use plastics.

The BC Government is developing a Plastics Action Plan and asked British Columbian’s to provide input. The survey is now closed but information on the plan can be found at: RDNO Staff has provided input to the CleanBC Plastics Action Plan to help provide feedback on the path forward to reduce plastic pollution in BC. Access this submission at: RDNO Staff Submission to CleanBC Plastics Action Plan

Small Steps Add Up!

Single-use plastic items really add up if they are used by a lot of people every day. Today is a key time to start Rethinking single-use and consider alternatives such as reduce and reuse. Consider this:

Bring Your Own RDNO!

A great way you can start making a difference today is getting into the habit of BYO (Bringing Your Own): Reusable Bags, Containers, Cups and Utensils.

See some tips below for helping to remember to BYO!