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GVRDF Residential Drop Off

The Greater Vernon Recycling and Disposal Facility (GVRDF) features a Residential Drop-Off facility for those residents who prefer to haul their own garbage and recyclables.

The Residential Drop-Off facility is conveniently located directly east of the GVRDF scalehouse.

Residential refuse and selected recyclable materials can be placed into designated bins, which are then hauled to the active tipping face by GVRDF operators.

  • Two vehicles can be accommodated at a time in each of the five waste disposal bays.
  • Depending on the time of year, the five waste disposal bays may be designated for different materials.
  • Three bays are designated for “Garbage”.
  • Two bays are designated for “Metal”, “Clean Wood”, “Dirty Wood”, or “Yard & Garden Waste.

The Residential Drop-Off facility is completely paved and represents a major safety improvement for self-haulers.  This facility assists the RDNO in recovering more recyclable materials than ever before.

How to use the Residential Drop-Off facility:

  1. Plan ahead before you arrive and sort your load. Separating recyclable materials ahead of time will help you save time, effort and money.  Don’t forget to secure your load.
  2. Drop off recyclables prior to entering the scale. All Blue Bag recyclables, passenger and light truck tires, and propane tanks, may be placed in the Recyclable Materials drop-off area prior to entering the scale.
  3. You must pass through the GVRDF scale prior to accessing the Residential Drop-Off facility and dropping off your materials.
  4. After you have dropped off your material(s), you must pass through the GVRDF scale again to pay the appropriate tipping fee.

Please, do your part to keep our roads safe and free of litter: Always secure your load!

Please direct enquiries to:
Phone:  250-550-3700
Fax:       250-550-3701
E-mail:  [email protected]