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Agricultural Customers

The Regional District of North Okanagan-Greater Vernon Water (RDNO-GVW) supports farming and is committed to providing agricultural water rates that are competitive within the region.

Spring Turn-On and Fall Turn-Off

The 2016 agricultural water service turn-on date is scheduled to begin April 18th with turn-off expected to begin on September 19th.

Applications for Early Turn-On and/or Late Turn-Off can be made in person at the Regional District of North Okanagan office, or download the Agricultural Early Turn-On / Late Turn-Off Application Form and return it to our office.  Changes to scheduled turn on/off dates are subject to a fee.

Customers are advised that outside water services (standpipes) will not be turned on until they install a water meter prior to Spring turn-on.  Customers must also ensure they have the required Backflow Prevention Device installed.  Visit the Cross Connection Control page for more details.

Water usage for non-agricultural purposes does not qualify for the agricultural water rate.  Customers with a water service metered under the agricultural rate cannot use that water for non-agricultural purposes such as:

  • inside the home
  • lawns, personal gardens, and landscaping
  • workshops
  • outbuildings

Agricultural Water Rates

Agricultural water customers receive a water allocation based on several factors - the size of their property, the maximum flow volume the water distribution was designed to provide, and the average water requirements for crops grown in this region.  Greater Vernon Water customers classified as a Farm with BC Assessment are automatically billed for their agricultural service at the agricultural water rate if their property has Allocation.  Prior to 2016, some agricultural customers may have received a 0.4 ha Allocation Fee Credit that reduced their allocation fees.  This credit has been removed to reflect that Agricultural customers may use the full extent of their property’s Allocation, even with a dwelling unit on that property.  If a customer wishes to reduce their allocation they may apply to do so but should keep in mind that they would have to re-purchase their allocation if they wished to increase the amount to meet the irrigation demands of a different crop. 

Any customers without “BC Assessment Farm Classification” but engaged in bona fide farming activity may apply to get agricultural water rates by submitting an Application for RDNO Farm Classification, which includes the following requirements:

  • Application fee of $60.00 (an additional late fee of $50.00 will apply if applications are received after February 15 of the applicable year)
  • For water allocations less than or equal to 0.82 hectares [2 acres], agricultural income must be above $1000
  • For water allocations greater than 0.82 hectares [2 acres] agricultural incomes must be above $2500

NOTE:  Verification of above agricultural income (e.g. receipts) is required and must be included with every application.

Applications and fees must be submitted to RDNO before February 15 of the applicable year.  Forms may be obtained at the offices of the RDNO, District of Coldstream, and the City of Vernon, or download the Application for RDNO Farm Classification here.

Purchasing Allocation
Customers may apply to purchase Allocation to increase the volume of water they can use in a season.  More information on the application process is available here.

Please direct enquiries to:
Phone:  250-550-3700
Fax:      250-550-3701
E-mail:  [email protected]