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Water Main Flushing

Greater Vernon Water operates a Water Main Flushing Program in partnership with the City of Vernon and District of Coldstream.  Municipal crews are scheduled to perform annual water main flushing in the following locations:

Vernon for November 8-14

  • East Hill – 25 Ave to 32 Ave from 15 Street to 22 Street
  • East Hill – 32 Ave to 38 Ave from 17 Street to 20A Street
  • 48 Ave to 59 Ave between 20 Street and 27 Street
  • Hwy 97 and Anderson Way

Vernon for November 16-20

  • Rimer Road to Silver Star Road
  • Pleasant Valley Road to McDonald Road
  • Silver Star Road to McDonald Road to Dedecker Road
  • Elmwood Road to Rimer Road down Pleasant Valley Road

Coldstream for November 8-14

  • Coldstream Valley Estates

Flushing signs will be posted in your area when crews are working. Please be considerate of crews and drive carefully in work areas.

When crews are flushing in your area you may notice a reduction in water pressure, additional sediment, or discoloration of the water.  During this time, you may choose to boil or not drink the water. Checking your water before doing laundry is strongly advised.  For more information, please click here:  What is Water Main Flushing?

Flushing removes accumulated sand and silt from the water mains and is a required maintenance process used to improve water quality for public health.  If you have any questions about flushing or your water quality, please contact Greater Vernon Water at 250-550-3700.