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Master Water Plan

2012 Master Water Plan

A Master Water Plan (MWP) is a long-term water utility infrastructure plan that ensures a reliable, cost-effective supply of water to meet present and future needs.

The original Master Water Plan was undertaken in 2002 (2002 Master Water Plan) and amended in 2004 (2004 Master Water Plan addendum).  The purpose of the Master Water Plan is to ensure that our community’s present and future water quality and water supply needs, as well as critical health protection goals are met in an efficient and financially sustainable manner. The Master Water Plan provides direction for the long-term planning and implementation of water system improvements with the provision of continuing the importance of a cost effective agricultural irrigation water supply.

The start of operations at the Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant marks a significant step towards realizing the domestic water quality improvements envisioned by the Master Water Plan. Treatment of the Duteau Creek source addresses water quality issues affecting Greater Vernon residents, provides operational flexibility in conjunction with the Kalamalka Lake source, and allows maximum use of existing water licenses.

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) – Greater Vernon Water Utility (GVW) is in the process of developing an updated Master Water Plan.  The following Technical Memorandums TM1 – 8 are provided for your review and comment.  The final TM9 will be posted once completed and reviewed by the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee.

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