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Water Sources

The Regional District of North Okanagan - Greater Vernon Water (GVW) delivers an average of 24 billion litres of water through a grid of 620km of pipelines including 42 pump stations to more than 45,000 customers every year. 

Our water system is very complex, so you may not always know your drinking water source.

Duteau Creek via the Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant (DCWTP) supplies about  approximately 60% of the utility’s annual water. Under normal operational conditions the DCWTP provides water to the District of Coldstream, Electoral Areas B,C and a small portion of D and Spallumcheen.  The Kalamalka Lake supplies about approximately  40% of the utilities water via the Mission Hill Water Treatment Plant (MHWTP). Under normal operational conditions MHWTP provides water to the City of Vernon and the District of Coldstream. GVW has the ability to use There is the possibility if one of these water treatment plants is disabled the GVW can use one treatment plant if the water demand allows.

There are two small water systems that draw from Okanagan Lake that are part of the Greater Vernon Water – The Outback and Delcliffe. A well located on Coldstream Ranch ( Well#1)  is utilized to meet high demands or can be turned on in an emergency.

Every year approximately 55% of the Greater Vernon’s water is used for agriculture irrigation use. GVW has dedicated some water sources to agriculture irrigation only. These sources are Deer Creek, Well #2 on the Coldstream Ranch and Goose Lake.

Kalamalka Lake

Duteau Creek

Okanagan Lake


Agriculture Irrigation:
During the irrigation season from May to September, water use increases dramatically, these sources have been dedicated to agriculture irrigation use:


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