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Water Notification & Water Quality Alerts

Water quality notifications are published and distributed through the RDNO websites.  Other methods of communicating water quality changes include media releases, email and phone calls to sensitive facilities (hospitals, care facilities, schools and DND), customers (restaurants, day cares, brewery and individuals if subscribed), and road signboards if a high risk to health is determined.  Potable (drinking) water must meet the provincial Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulations and is measured against the standards set by the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

Have a look at the Water Source Area Map to determine your source of water.  The Interior Health Protection Water Quality Program is dedicated to achieving safe, clean, reliable drinking water which is an essential component of a healthy community.

Greater Vernon Water Quality Reports

Water quality summary reports provide monthly and annuaatl wer quality information as well as comprehensive water analysis for sources and in the distribution system:

Water Quality Advisories currently in effect

May 16th UPDATE - Greater Vernon Water Boil Water Notice RESCINDED - Media Release

May 12th - Delcliffe Water Utility Water Quality Advisory - Media Release

Source Type of Treatment Status

Duteau Creek - Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant

Dissolved Air Floatation Treatment & Chlorination
No Filtration


Kalamalka Lake - Mission Hill Water Treatment Plant

Ultra Violet Disinfection & Chlorination
No Filtration
Okanagan Lake - Out Back Ultra Violet Disinfection & Chlorination
No Filtration

Okanagan Lake - Delcliffe Utility

Chlorination Only
No Filtration












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