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Electoral Area F Official Community Plan Review - COMPLETE


The NEW Electoral Area “F” Official Community Plan has been adopted and is now in effect.  At their Regular Meeting held on July 20, 2016, the Regional District Board of Directors gave Electoral Area “F” Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 2702 Third and Final Reading.  The new OCP replaces the former Official Community Plan (Bylaw No. 1934) which had been in effect since 2005.

What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a local government bylaw that is developed to guide decisions with respect to residential, commercial, and industrial development, transportation and other infrastructure, agricultural and recreational land uses, community well-being, heritage and environmental considerations.

A comprehensive review and update of the Electoral Area “F” OCP began in 2014 and was undertaken to reflect changes to provincial legislation, to consider the relationship between the OCP and the Regional Growth Strategy, to uphold the Kingfisher Local Area Plan as an integral part of the OCP, to clarify and streamline decision-making processes where possible, and to give consideration to other matters of interest to the community.

OCP Review Process

Community Participation

Participation by members of the community has been a critical part of the OCP review process. Both full time and seasonal residents were involved in issue identification and review of the draft OCP as it evolved.  Since the planning process began in 2014, opportunities for participation included open houses, surveys, focus group discussions, and information booths at local events.  Community members were encouraged to stay involved in the process as it progressed towards completion.

Review the NEW Electoral Area “F” Official Community Plan

The new Official Community Plan for Electoral Area “F” is now in effect.  You may review it online or download it from the RDNO website, or obtain a print copy at the RDNO office.


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